Life-Changing Meth Run

During his 10th-grade year, my dad was stabbed through the chest with a 10-inch kitchen knife. The stabbing happened at Woodside High School in California in 1976. The administrative report, written by Vice Principal Clark Kraft, indicates that Stephen Sullivan, my dad, began the altercation by demanding a stolen letterman jacket be returned to Stephen’s […]

Crispr Cocaine-COVID-19

Dr. Patel sat in his tight office and practiced delivering the news. “It would appear that your body has an endogenous response unlike any other we have seen,” He said to the empty chair. “You appear to produce a chemical which acts indistinguishably from a known chemical agent.” Chemical agent, endogenous response, Patel shook his […]

No more peace

I’m journaling while sitting on my stationary bike in the outdoor hallway between our bedroom and the garage, witnessing nature in a way that will forever change me and ruin my mornings. I’m watching a spider dangle at head-height from the rafter between rooms, apparently waiting for a wind gust or my bald head to […]

Reflection on “Heavy” by Mary Oliver

“Still, I was bent, and my laughter, as the poet said, was nowhere to be found… So I went practicing. Have you noticed? Have you heard the laughter that comes, now and again, out of my startled mouth?” -“Heavy” by Mary Oliver This morning I was thinking about my late 20s–I was bent. My life […]

Stephen King Challenge: Domestic Hunting

Diane raised the hammer and thumbed the carpenter’s nail against Derek’s knee. She bit her lower lip and squinted in the darkness, aiming the nail tip for the middle, the joint, the soft-tissue area between the weight-bearing bones of his knee. She breathed to steady herself and stole a glance at her reflection In the […]

What I’ve Picked Up Today (Sister, don’t read; animals die)

The roadkill was a cat. Orange and white, a tomcat which thudded heavily against the bottom of the empty dumpster. The thing was huge–it had to weigh close to thirty pounds.  I went after it with only two heavy duty garbage bags, no gloves. I picked it up by its back legs and ammonia hit […]

Get Naked

(Inspired by real events) Ever since Russel robbed the Xpress Title Loan Shop on Laurent in Santa Cruz, he’s been runnin’ hot through the hills with any Sally who will hop on.  Sure, we all appreciates a good robbery—and Russel pulled a doozy, hitting the moneyman Hascom as he did on purse day, when Hascom […]

Anti-Hero: Carmen

1892, La Jolla, California Over the muffled cries of the boy, the radio on the counter played clearly to Randle’s Outmire’s listening ears. “Today, the Governor’s office announces an unprecedented step in taming the still Wild West. The deputization of citizen-hero Carmen Telasco promises to cow even the most feral outlaws. Telasco, who came to […]

Fuck Boy Johnson

Angela Fuck-Boy Johnson tugged at her weed—”her” weed because Officer Gordon had assigned Fuck Boy the shaded and remote north-end of the prison yard; and “tugged” because this particular north-end weed was a horsetail in hard ground, no amount of pulling would uproot the sonofabitch. Angela knew this—knew she could tug all afternoon at the […]