Journal: Going Home

Going “home” today after a four nights in Auburn visiting with family. (I managed a single sentence before the boys awoke. I’m writing now, at 8:00am, in the few minutes before the boys take over the computer for a vacation Roblox session. It breaks my heart how much these kids want Roblox so much. Toby […]

Journal: Wasting a Weekend

Thinking back over the weekend, my first feeling is anxiety over the quantity of my writing.  I didn’t write anywhere near 1,000 words Saturday or Sunday. On one hand, 1,000 words is a low bar that I should hop every day. On the other, my time wasn’t idly spent.  On Saturday, I sold my Acura […]

Journal: Egret Eating Lizards

I’m sick today (not COVID) and Nate’s keeping me company.  We’ve spent most of the day walking the grove and collecting avocado drops after the storm last night, but now he’s watching Scooby Doo so I can record a little scene. A great egret has taken to hunting lizards around the property. Although I love […]

Journal: Lightning + Existential Ends

Right now at 7:15pm, the sun is gone and a storm is quickly approaching from the east. White lightning is so frequent and bunched that the night sky around it flashes and hangs purple.  It’s early October and everything in San Diego County is dry. Last week, Toby, Nate, and I watched helicopters sweep water […]

Journal Entry

Yesterday, the puppy set a record for longest in-house urination stream.  For context, when he goes, he still puppy pee-walks and doesn’t yet lift a leg.  Beginning in the hallway, the evidence reveals that he pee-walked from the hallway bedroom to end-of-the-hall kid’s bedroom, then turned around, walked back past the hallway bedroom, the front […]

Journal Entry

I’m not going to nitpick myself about my lack of focus in writing right now. Right now, the focus is on building some momentum, getting back into routine, finding joy in the process.  I know there are good stories within me. I know it’ll take work. But mostly, it’ll take time. Time I don’t have […]

Journal Entry

9.30 I read something nice this morning: we take simple preferences and turn them into conditions for our own happiness.  Lately, I’ve been doing that with writing and music.  I’ve lost some of the joy as I’ve created artificial deadlines for myself and then beat myself up about not meeting these deadlines.  I had this […]